I started my UPSTOX journey during COVID-19 lockdown time. When everything was shut down and I don't have any option of doing anything other than reading books. I started reading then I learn about so many new things from the different mindset books like RICH DAD POOR DAD, BUSINESS SCHOOL, SELL LIKE CRAZY.

From these books I get to know about the ESBI model, According to this model, 99% of people remain in ES Category and owns only 1% wealth of the world, but only 1% of guys under the basics of true business and keep themselves in BI category and Enjoy 99% of world's wealth. E stands for Employee, S stands for Self Employee, B stands for Business and I stands for Investor category.

After understanding this concept I start reading more books and become curious to know how to shift my category from the ES category to the BI category. Then I meet few guys who already transformed their minds to become financially free but no one of them was actually financially free. Then I start learning more about how these things work and what I need to do next. Then I start working to become an Investor and after a certain period of time, I will get a high return.

But now I decide to help everyone who knows me by giving them guidance on how they can start their journey and become financially free.

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